Approach Technology as a Community Not a Career

Thomas D
2 min readSep 14, 2021


I do have a special talent for people. There’s some internal drive in me that pushes for human connection, something I’ve cultivated over the years.

Every job and organization I’ve been a part of, for good and bad, I’ve been able to imprint my personality and work ethic into the people that surround me.

It’s not always been pretty, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but each time I’ve taken valuable lessons. This is over 30 jobs and organizations folks, in DC and Richmond. Only post University of North Carolina 2007.

Recently, or more accurately, after years of practicing Yoga in studios in Richmond, I’ve begun to meet a community of alternative lifestyle contributors. Both in tech and person.

I’ve approached this local community thru friendship and offerings. I offer my time, I show up for classes, and I am positive.

I have gone to cool parties and been to great exercise, breath-work, and yoga classes in public parks because of this. All free. All as an outsider.

My eating habits have changed. I eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. I am gifted veggie stir fry recipes to try out. I love sweet potatoes even more now when blanched.

The point is, during this time I’ve also cultivated a new online community in LinkedIn. I’ve approached influencers about SDR training and plan to advance those plans soon. I’ve posted bare and interesting articles to me.

I’m attempting to show up authentically. I want to attract the right people in my life and career.

Approach your tech career like a community. No one has all the answers, but collectively there is a goal we work towards. Financial freedom.

Whatever pain your product eases, or dragons you slay, remember it’s people that drive tech. Everyone needs someone they can rely on to listen, show compassion, and thrive.

It makes a difference.